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4 Tips For Construction and Electrical Planning

Building your new home can be extremely exciting. There are so many different things you need to think about and take into consideration. Unfortunately, a lot of times, people get consumed in so many different aspects of the planning process and often forget to look into the smaller things like electrical intricacies. The way your electrical requirements are met, can make or break your experience in your new house. So, in an attempt to help prevent such oversight, below are 3 key tips on construction and electrical planning you should definitely keep in the forefront of your mind during the process. 

Height of Your Switches

The ideal height of switches around your home should be at 48 inches. This so far has been proven to be a comfortable height for everyone. However, if there are people with special needs in your family, you might want to reconsider the placement of these switches so make it convenient for each family member! 

Placement of Electrical Outlets

You should definitely consider where you will be placing furniture in each room. For the bedroom, the placement of your bed, dresser, desk are extremely important. For the living room, where will your couches go? What about coffee tables and extra lighting around the house? Once you have considered the placement of furniture, you should think about your living habits. How many items will you need to plug in on your bedside table? Will you need accessible plugs to charge electronics while watching TV in your living room? All these questions are extremely important when deciding the placement of electrical outlets. 

Additional tip: try to place sockets next to your furniture, not behind it where they become harder to reach! You don’t want to be reaching far behind your bed while trying to plug in your phone charger when its at 1%!

Wild Wires

No one likes the beautiful interior design of their house being ruined by the sight of loose wires. To solve this problem, you might want to consider attaching powers trips to walls behind cabinets, under desks or inside drawers. If the wires are more exposed, like under a television or near the coffee table you might want to consider adding a wall panel where possible or taping the wires to the backside of your tables. Use these tips to ensure your home is free of loose wires and tripping hazards. For more tips on construction and electrical planning, feel free to contact our team using this link.

Placement of Light Switches

Consider places all your switches to closets, bathrooms, pantries and garages outside each of those rooms. This will prevent you from ever entering a dark room!

Placement of Light Switches
Electrical Switch Boards Placement

These are all things you would want to keep in mind as you finalize your home. Experts suggest the best way to design your home is by trying to imagine a walk through, but lucky for you, you no longer have to try and visualize that. Just head over to our booking page and book a walkthrough of your blueprints!


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