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Integrating Your Child’s Future Into Your House

Building a future for the next generation.

‘When I watch daddy using his health kit to treat people, I feel so proud of him. I also want to be a doctor when I grow up.’ ‘I love watching mom teach her kids on zoom, I want to be just like her when I’m old.’ – You are your child’s future superhero no matter what.

We may often come around kids imitating and developing an interest in how we do our jobs. Some wish they would be doctors just like their dad. Some want to be lively teachers as their moms are. Similarly, the early interactions between the child and the parent help establish their interests and long-term learning goals in many instances.

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Now think about this: if we expose our children to other learning opportunities in their homes, build a workspace for them to get their creative juices flowing, offer them their very own home library to think and read about the world, what kind of impression will it leave on their insightful minds? Is that the right way to nourish your child’s future?

Chances are, they would be exposed to a far more intellectual environment. It will help them learn and express their creativity from a very young age!

‘But how?’ you might ask?

A Scottish Government social research in 2010 found that a measure of the Home Learning Environment (HLE) added to the understanding of the influences that might affect a child’s cognitive development.



Other studies suggest that designing an interactive learning environment will help support children’s understanding of complex domains. Therefore, integrating workspaces and libraries i.e. a glimpse into the future of your young ones will help lay the foundation for a more sophisticated understanding of their physical and social world. This will in turn:

  1. Aid their early cognitive development, making them brighter individuals.
  2. Give them a chance to express themselves as best as they can.
  3. Guide their exploration and enable them to intervene with it.

Remember. How you choose to raise your kids decides how the next generation perceives the world. Integrating their future into your house will be the first step to ensuring they have a bright future ahead of them.

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