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Ideas For Futuristic Homes

Futuristic Home

The Future Is Now!

A futuristic home with movable doors

Gone are the days of using the same generic design when building your home. With the turn of the century come unique and distinctive designs that are sure to turn heads. This blog, therefore,  delves into the nature behind different architectural marvels that give modern ideas for futuristic homes!

Futuristic Homes – an Introduction!

A relatively new concept is that of movable walls. Simple integration of wheels and railings helps turn a seemingly normal house into a work of wonder. Furthermore, unlimited customization, and multiple options to integrate electronics within compartments, make this concept very viable when it comes to smaller homes, or studio apartments.

Gary Chang is one such individual who has successfully integrated the moving-walls concept into his seemingly small apartment. With just a few pulls & turns, a tiny apartment turns into a much larger alternative, complete with a guest room, a library, dining room, and even a spa! Watch full video:

Additionally, for a funnier perspective on moving walls, check out this Gadget Man’s episode on tiny houses, hosted by the I.T. Guys’ very own Richard Ayoade!

Moving walls still aren’t a widely implemented concept, but its certainly something to ponder on when you’re considering ideas for futuristic homes. This is because it makes them more fashionable and up to date.

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