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How Is 1to1 Plans Beneficial For Custom Home Builders?

1to1 Plans Floor Visualization

Have you ever imagined walking through your plans, usually on a piece of paper or through a computer screen? Trying to visualize the spaces, the scales, the connectivity? Spending hours, or even days,  pondering over your drawings, in case of any mistakes or missed details. But what if you could actually walk in your house plans, on a 1 to 1 scale, and really envision your home?

What is 1to1 Plans?

Here at 1to1 Plans we have installed a giant walkable digital floor, allowing your floor plans to be displayed. Making a home is not easy, you want it to be perfect. For every inch and corner to be exactly how you dreamed it to be. To be able to walk through your new home before construction can avoid delays, construction costs, or any mishaps in your future home! Also, you can imagine yourself living in it, give the space a feel and see if there is anything you missed out on to be in your new dream house!

With so many housing developments nowadays, designs start to look alike. Therefore we need new tools to aid in our design process, and inspire us. We have come up with a platform that can aid in building a completely custom and perfectly tailored home, by providing walkable floor plans, to fit every individual’s functional requirements and aesthetic needs. 

What to look for when walking through your house plans?

When building a home, you are building memories, and every space matters. The size of the rooms, the layout, the relation of spaces, even the placement of fixtures are important. Every individual is different, and therefore also the needs of their home, and that is what we understand. At 1to1 Plans, we can help you conceptualise your home, talk of your needs and aid in giving input, to make sure you achieve a perfectly functional house.

While everyone dreams of having a beautiful house, if the house doesn’t fulfill your needs, no matter how aesthetically pleasing you will feel uncomfortable. There are a few things to keep in mind while walking through your house plans here at 1to1:

  • How do you use your current spaces?
  • Is there any activity that you currently for which you have not given any room? (music room/ office space/ Library)
  • Is there anything you enjoy in your current home setup that you would like to see in your plans?
  • Are there any non functional areas that you do not need?
  • Maybe there are too many bathrooms and you’re not a fan of managing them everyday, can you do with less or do you need more? (for example for guests)
  • Are your rumpus areas far enough from your living areas so you can get some peace and quiet?
  • Do the distance of the rooms and circulation feel fine (for example, some would want their bedroom closer to their childrens, or near the stairs, or the kitchen to be close to the dining, etc)

Think about the Functionality of your house plans over Aesthetics

Floor Plans are extremely important, and the first thing to look at rather than the exterior look of the house, (Even though, we can show you how your elevation would look too). They allow you to see how your spaces fit together, and what the flow of the house will be. If you have outdoor areas, you can also factor them into your design and include them in your house plans!

How we could help improve your interior design!

Once you have your spaces set, you can now start looking at your interior! Again, a few things to keep in mind while experiencing your walkable floor plans are:

  • The placements of the doors and windows. Will you get sufficient views, light, airflow, and easy access for foot traffic? 
  • On which wall will your television be set, are there any outside lighting that will cause disruption?
  • Do you want cabinets on the walls, do you have a space marked out for them? 
  • Where do your kitchen fixtures go, are the dimensions correct for your equipment?
  • Do you have ample storage space? 
  • Where does your bedroom furniture go, is the layout to your liking?

We could also help by providing some moveable furniture to aid in your process!

These are just a few things we can help you with at 1to1 Plans, the list can go on! Come and see your dream home and be fully satisfied before building, avoid delays and construction costs, and make sure you are absolutely in love with your new home!

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