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How 1to1 Plans Has Helped In Construction Projects

Have you ever finished a home construction project and thought to yourself: “I really wish I was able to experience this space before it was built”? Or maybe something like: “Gee, I wonder if this couch will fit on the second floor?” We’ve been there. Plenty of times. That’s why we built 1to1 Plans — so that everyone can enjoy their home, no matter how complex the project.

It allows you to lay out full-scale blueprints on a large walkable screen so that you can better understand and visualize your floor plans before starting construction.

Here are the latest real estate companies that have experienced success with 1to1 Plans:

Plutus21 Development

Plutus21 Development is a real estate developer and the principal investor for 1to1 Plans. Its projects mainly focus on Apartment Buildings and Townhomes. While designing, the most common issues faced by them were circulation, and the scale of the spaces. When making changes on site, they would have to slow down the process, order more material which would cause extra delays, send the plans back to the Architect, the Engineers, and the Contractors. This would mean paying the labor as well for the changes and the extra time they will spend.

Now they use 1to1 Plans throughout their design process and they have already experienced the difference.

We now not only have a better understanding of the spaces and their scale, but are also getting more ideas when it comes to design! Our team feels we can be more playful and experimental as well. We look at every corner, every detail from the kitchen cabinets till the fixtures in the bathroom, the doors, the placement of the windows, and essentially, save not only money, but come up with a beautiful plan. Before construction, we have a full finalized sheet for material takeoffs, everything ordered beforehand to avoid delays. This time there were no changes on site, therefore no need for extra orders, and no delays. The process has become so much more smoother, and more than that, has become more fun!” said Hana Khurshid – Architect at Plutus21 Development.

TriArc Real Estate Partners

As this technology has been so beneficial for us, we wish for it to be useful to everyone else. We are therefore allowing our studio to be booked for you to use it for your own projects.

Joseph Bramante (CEO & Co-founder at TriArc Real Estate Partners) visited our studio, and here’s what he had to say:

‘I met with 1to1 Plans to experience a full scale review of 6 floorplans on 2 new developments we are breaking ground on next year. Its was a game changer in so many ways. We had edits to every floorplan with one being a complete redo. It is well worth the trip to Dallas and will save your development hundreds of thousands in change orders. We spent months reviewing and editing these floorplans and still missed some items that were so obvious in the full scale version. For example we had an angled closet which on paper looked ok, but at scale, it was a useless space. You couldn’t use half of it. They also have furniture on wheels which you can move into place to get a better feel for the rooms and spaces. We will be using them for all future developments and highly recommend all developers do as well.’

MASA Design Build

We have also had Engineers and Contractors use it. Here is what Nishad Kolothody (Construction Manager at MASA Design Build) had to say after using 1to1 Plans for his project:

‘1to1 Plans drastically decreased design time flaws that you realize only after framing is done. We were able to save weeks time wasted from change orders simply by fine tuning our floor plans before we even got permits pulled. Their state of the art display technology is a real breakthrough that allows users to effectively visualize any design into a real scale walkthrough experience.’

We are offering customized pricing to high-volume clients, real estate developers, and design professionals. Reserve A Slot with our team to discuss your project.

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