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Why Choose 1to1 Plans For Your Next Project?

Navigating through blueprints for your next project can be confusing. And if not understood well, costly

A small piece of paper covered with titles, drawings and details on plan scale, commonly known as a blueprint, can be very hard for many to understand. Let alone visualize. Despite working and reworking on plan designs, homeowners lack clarity on how construction will actually turn out. This unclear representation often leads to cost overruns and time delays. 

Some facts about construction wastage:

  • 98% of the megaprojects exceed the allotted time and budget by over 30%. -Adeaca
  • Project changes cost 5% of the overall construction cost and 7.1% of total work hours. -Carnegie Mellon University
  • Over 70% of the construction rework is due to design flaws. -quality.org

Do you fear facing similar challenges in turning your dream home into reality? If so, it’s time to bid farewell to wastage of resources and unnecessary confusion!   

Using 1to1 Plans works as an effective solution

At 1to1 plans we work to facilitate and smoothen your construction journey. LED screens installed on the floor display a full size construction plan for you to walk on and gain better understanding of your space. Precisely visualize how big your bedroom will be and how wide a hallway you need. 

Bring an end to the struggles of adjusting furniture in your new home. Using our standardized set of portable walls and dummy furniture get a clearer sense of how to wisely make use of your space. Work with us to get increased satisfaction and confidence in the end product. 

Work with us to reduce uncertainty in the largest investment you will ever make. Experience the new era of homebuilding with us. Book Now!

How You Can Work With Us!

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