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Housing as an investment

With today’s economy, the way it is, investing in assets is the only way to amass long-term gains. Improving your portfolio is on every smart-minded person’s agenda. Buying and owning real estate is always a surefire way of ensuring a constant inflow of funds. Let’s talk about how housing can be extremely important as an investment.

Consider the strategy of building/buying and renting. According to moving.com, The Lone Star State happens to have an exceptionally low cost of living. This is coupled with the fact that the housing industry is experiencing a massive spike in value, turning your decision to build a home into an important factor when it comes to investments.


The average cost of a house in Texas is $235,834. And Texas home values have gone up by 10.7% over the past year.

Therefore, building a house that is optimized for tenants will comparatively net you more customers, compared to a building that has architectural deficiencies, think of your housing as an investment. For example, an optimized rental would include:

  1. A separate entrance for tenants.
  2. Separate garages.
  3. A connected stairway located for easy access by tenants.
  4. An optimum number of bedrooms, separate kitchens, lounges, etc.

Planning out the aforementioned features, along with other factors, is an important step when you want to increase the resale value of your property. Even if a certain blueprint design seems aesthetically pleasing, it always helps to check the functionality of the house you’re going to be building.

Services like 1to1 Plans provide help in planning out the perfect design, whether it’s for a home or a rental. By figuring out the exact dimensions, using dummy furniture to simulate a household setting, one can mitigate the issues usually caused by incoordination in construction or house planning.

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