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Digital Disruption in Real Estate Industry

With digital innovation, business, education, industry and daily life have evolved and will meet new realities. In contrast, however, this transformation is not as rapid in real estate as is in other industries. Therefore, let’s not forget that the practical integration of software solutions and real estate technology already exists. This is, therefore, the first step towards creating a Digital Real Estate Industry.

A general observation of the industry shows that with little compression and minimal economies of scale, the value chain has been overwhelmed by many parties and intermediaries who have carried out various projects with enormous price differences. Furthermore, lack of cost transparency in the market and a fragmented real estate database with various financial impacts lead to price differences. Solving this problem with secure digital solutions will reduce significant number of intermediaries in the value chain will and market transparency will increase.

What is the digital transformation of housing? This process, thereby, appears to be at two separate stages: digitization; and digitalization. These, therefore, lead to digital disruption.


Consumers and investors can see digital creation of systems like Zillow. These platforms use Big Data to identify features that may be available in the market in the future. Moreover, SmartZip showcases an instance where conventional marketing methods have already been challenged. Moreover, by building automation systems and the Internet of Things, physical objects are now connect to the Internet and provide excellent opportunities not only to reduce initial construction costs, but also to significantly improve daily life by increasing the security.


Nonetheless, even with accurate floor plans or 3D renders, it becomes difficult for architects and clients to see clearly and estimate the proportions of space. This discrepancy can lead to delays in the finishing of designs, changes and costs in the middle of construction or an unsatisfactory final product. In order to overcome these issues, conventional floor plans or even 3D renders are not enough. The solution is a real time visualization of your unbuilt dream project!

At 1to1 plans we work to facilitate and smoothen your construction journey. LED screen floor installations display full size walkable construction plans to enable understanding of your space. With 1to1 Plans you can visualize how big your bedroom will be and decide the preferred width of a hallway. 

Bring an end to the struggles of adjusting furniture in your new home. Using our standardized set of portable walls and dummy furniture, you can get a better idea of space utilization. Work with us to get increased satisfaction and confidence in the end product. Welcome to the Digital Real Estate Industry!

In order to reduce uncertainty in the largest investment you will ever make, collaborate with us. Experience the new era of homebuilding with us. Book Now!

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