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4 Technologies to Build Your Dream House

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Building your house is not something that you can plan overnight. It requires a thorough understanding of all of its aspects. From setting a budget, and selecting a home site to the architectural design and floor plans, everything requires careful groundwork. Even though there are people who prefer buying an existing home to save themselves from all that trouble, there are still some who want to customize it according to their preferences.  

Considering your house is your long-term investment, it makes sense to spend significant time and money on building your dream house from scratch. However, it is also true that with such a huge investment, you are always at risk of making design mistakes that can completely ruin your vision for your dream house. Here are the four most incredible technologies that you can use to build your dream space with perfection:

1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality- floor plans

The use of augmented reality for construction and designing has started gaining popularity due to its ease of visualization in house planning. Many construction companies are using software and VR headsets that allow buyers to virtually visualize their house setting before any physical work can begin on it.

There are numerous use cases for AR in the construction industry. It can efficiently help homeowners to experience and modify architectural structures with the help of visual navigation.

2. Walkable Lifesize Floor Plans

walkable floor plans

Even though AR technology improves the construction process and enhances the home buyer’s experience, it has certain limitations. In a virtual setting, certain things are not taken into consideration. The depth and perception aren’t easily identified and its lack of development standards makes it difficult to process complex structures.

One of its major alternatives that are still unknown to many people but is slowly gaining attraction is the use of walkable lifesize floor plans. If you haven’t heard of this technology yet, then you are missing out. With the use of this technology, home developers and owners can physically experience their floor designs on a lifesize scale. It is a great way to minimize construction errors and you can easily amend your design changes while walking through your floor plans in a real physical setting.

3. 3D Designed Homes

3D printed house-floor plans

The idea of a 3D printed house may seem bizarre but it is a thing that is attracting people as a way to solve the affordable housing crisis. According to a survey published by Realtor.com, around 66% of consumers would think about living in a 3D-printed house. The statistics were higher among the younger generation with 75% of millennials being open to a 3D design home accommodation.

Even though the idea is still in its infancy, it still has the potential to replace traditional construction methods. It is cost-effective, has a less turnaround time, and is more sustainable with minimized waste and Co2 emissions.

4. Self-Healing Concrete

self healing concrete-floor plans

One of the most exciting house construction technologies for 2022 is self-healing concrete. Concrete eventually breaks and needs to be restored because it is fragile, susceptible to weather changes, and poorly vibration-resistant. For developers of residential homes and urban communities, self-healing concrete might be a great aid timewise and financially.

Self-healing concrete can be a great way of protecting homes from natural disasters and can serve as an inexpensive way to restore infrastructure. It is most relevant for construction in seismically risky areas but can also be used for any construction because it is cheaper, more versatile, and durable. 

With time, people’s preferences for the style and design of homes have drastically changed. Besides aesthetics, homeowners are now favoring environmentally friendly options that are sustainable and less damaging to the environment. With the use of these innovative technologies, home building has become easier and it is evident that in the next five to ten years, traditional construction will soon be revolutionized with more efficient and seamless processes.  

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